- ALBUM the Bio -

The origins of the musical group known as ALBUM are shrouded in mystery. Some experts theorize a Pulsar in deep space blew radical dust on to this planet. Others postulate that an inter-dimensional war caused gateways to open up inside their cerebral cortexes. The world may never know.


But what is known is that in the Earth year 2007 three dudes showed up in the strange state of Ohio and started blowing stuff up with riffs and songs that make little sense to the human ear.


For over a decade these enigmatic psychonauts have been thrillin’ and killin’. It is difficult to not be mesmerized by their live performances and become chemically dependent on their catchy yet brutal tunes. A dangerous, sexy combo.


ALBUM is mystical brothers Josh and Jason Hopkins and the wizard Winfield Dray. They hail from a tiny backwoods town called Rogers where bizarre and arcane forces lurk in the shadows. 

ALBUM is: 

Winfield Dray: Guitar

Jason Hopkins: Bass 

Josh Hopkins: Drums

A band documentary of the making of "Majestic SilverEye"

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